IT'S HARD TO BELIEVE that we have been producing The Art Guide for five years. It is a labor of love to be sure but the rewards of meeting the artists, connecting with galleries and museums and seeing all this great art make it well worth it! In 2012 we took a chance that such a publication was needed in south coast Maine and that the art community and our potential readers would respond to the idea. And you did! The second year, after artists and galleries in New Hampshire asked, we expanded to include communities there.

We are heartened by the stories we hear about how well The Art Guide works—like the painter who got a call from a Camden, Maine gallery owner vacationing in York who picked up a copy, called for a studio visit and added her to his gallery roster. Or the interior designer in New York City who uses it to

plan her New England trips so she can purchase art for clients. Or the reader in Vermont who had to have the latest issue sent to him as he recovered from an injury and could not travel to the area.

We want to thank all of our readers, advertisers and writers who have made The Art Guide the publication it is—still the only one in our region solely devoted to the arts and artists. We are both humbled and proud to present our fifth issue.

Bill Hamilton       Susan Kress Hamilton